My artist name is Snix. I graduated with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Ive spent the last ten years traveling to live improvisational musical performances as research for my works which are abstractions of celebration, joy, love and ecstasy. I work primarily in oil paint but do mix mediums. I have a collection of work created digitally where I collage my paintings with found digital imagery overlaid with digital paint brushes and eraser.

Childhood photo

7 Fun Facts
- My grandma taught to me to draw by copying her 1950s fashion figures

- I love cooking and recipes that allow me to be creative

- My first painting ever was painted at 14 and was displayed at a college art show downtown Chicago

- My entire immediate family was born in March (me, mom, dad, brother, sister) we are all very close

- I am a leftie!

- Every year of grade school I was 1 of 2 students selected to be in the school districts annual art show

- I dreamed of becoming an actor as a child because I wanted to portray multiple roles and couldn’t decide on one career. I ended up taking acting classes as an adult and had so much fun